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Parking Issues

Dear Tenants,

As you are all surely aware, our building has a very limited number of parking spots, and these spots are reserved for tenants only. We deal with non-tenant parking issues daily, causing much undue stress for those involved. In order to better identify the cars that should be in those designated tenant parking spots, we gave out windshield passes in December 2020. These windshield parking passes are a requirement for tenants who are registered to be parking in our lot. Without the parking pass, your vehicle may be tagged and towed being mistaken for others who are illegally parking in the spots.

To ensure our records are up-to-date. Please fill out this form, as some of your vehicles have changed or parking passes have been lost since they were provided 2 years ago.

Parking Pass Rules

  • Please make sure that the parking pass is always clearly visible on the dashboard window.

  • If the pass is lost or ruined, please inform us immediately.

  • If an employee had a pass and is no longer working in the building, ideally the pass should be returned to the tenant. Please inform the office of the license plate change.

  • If there are new cars being parked in the lot, please inform us of the change.

  • If you are driving a secondary car, you must move the pass to the car you are parking in the lot.

  • Upon arrival on site, if you are missing your pass (rental car, forgotten in other car, etc.), please inform Angie (416-785-4572) in the management office.

Please help us avoid ticketing or towing cars that have an assigned spot at our building and discourage those repeat offenders from disrupting our tenant parking by filling out the form by this Thursday November 30th. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

845 St. Clair Management

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